Splore Festival tickets sell out in four days

Tickets to Splore next year have sold out in just four days, without a single act being announced.

Splore Festival. Source: Dane Scott Creative

Presales for the festival south of Auckland started on Friday, while general tickets sold out in eight hours after being released yesterday morning. 

The festival's previous fastest sell out was last year when it took four months. 

Organisers have created a standby list and hope to free up more tickets in the next few months. 

"We were taken by surprise and did not expect Splore to sell out in this record time," director John Minty said.

"We are stunned by the uptake without announcing a single music or performance act.

"It shows there is real demand for the culture that Splore has created. Splore is a safe environment where diversity is celebrated and our sustainability credentials have added to a culture and vibe that people find very appealing."

Splore also proportionally sold more early bird tickets than previous years.

With Splore tickets, prices ramp up through the tiers. They are not triggered by dates, but by tickets sold.

The final tier with the smallest amount of tickets for sale would normally be selling in October, but due to the unprecedented demand on the first day of general ticket sales, Splore hit the higher priced tickets sooner.

The festival will be staged February 25 to 27 at Auckland's Tapapakanga Regional Park.

Premium camping upgrades such as Wildernest glamping, Tepee Life and book-a-tent (pre-pitched tents) will go on sale in the next couple of months.

Standard camping upgrades such as reserved camping and reserved campervan sites have already sold out.