Spider experts from around the world arrive in NZ to hunt for rare species - 'totally fascinated by them'

Some of the world's leading spider experts have swarmed over a patch of New Zealand bush to learn more about our rarest species.

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They’re in the country as part of the triennial arachnology congress. Source: 1 NEWS

More than a hundred top scientists, here as part of the triennial Arachnology Congress, descended on the Banks Pennisula’s Hinewai Reserve in the name of research.

The reserve is home to a number of eight-legged species, including the extremely rare Periegops Suterii, which is only found in that area.

The small red spider makes its home under logs in moist earth and is rarely seen due to its remote locale.

Other experts are working to document the country's diverse jumping spider species, of which only a tenth have been described.

The congress continues until the end of the week.