Specialist women's shelter urgently seeking funding for Wellington branch




A specialist women's refuge in Wellington says if it continues to be denied funding by the Government, migrant and refugee lives could be at risk. 

Shakti New Zealand says it provides a critical service and it needs help to support the rising number of women and children seeking help.
Source: 1 NEWS

Shakti New Zealand says its service is critical, and it needs funding to help with the rising number of people seeking its help. 

The organisation helps vulnerable women from Asian, African, and Middle Eastern backgrounds, and it says the demand for their services in the capital is increasing. 

"We understand the world view, we understand the traditional barrier these women face, and that's why we're able to provide them with the right support," said Shakti New Zealand spokesperson Wendy Vyas. 

It's made a number of requests to the Ministry of Social Development for funding, but has been declined. 

The organisation is seeking $50,000 of direct funding a year, but the Ministry of Social Development said a report found that mainstream refugee services are able to meet the needs of refugee and migrant women. 

Police, who work closely with the group, have issued a letter of support for funding of the Wellington branch. 

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