SPCA to the rescue as pets left at home break hearts of Edgecumbe evacuees




They're the "animal face" of the Edgecumbe flood - the pets that were left at home as their owners fled the rising waters of the Rangitaiki River yesterday.

Mel Rangiaho's dog

Source: Facebook/ Mel Rangiaho

As almost the entire human population of 1600 were evacuated, some had to leave behind their cats, dogs and even pet rats.

The Whakatane SPCA has come to the rescue, launching a mission to collect the animals from water-logged properties and reunite them with their owners.

"If you had to leave an animal in Edgecumbe after being evacuated yesterday please let us or the Whakatane District council know. We need to know the address, a contact number and what animal/s so that we can get a rescue team to check the property," the SPCA posted on the special Kia Kaha Edgecumbe Facebook page.

And there are plenty of takers.

"We have 2 cats a grey female and a tabby grey/brown cat with white chest male they were last seen inside and a black fluffy male cat is it possible 4 me to come with u 2 get them out?" Sarsha McCall asked.


Source: Facebook/ Nina Goodwin

Stacy Curreen pleaded: "I have 5 cats locked inside my house and two rats in cage in bedroom that need food and water and two minilop bunnies out the back of my property Main street edgecumbe i can provide location of my house key can anyone help please???"

Ashley Stewart wanted Tarzan and Rambo rescued after they refused to evacuate.

"Please these are my 2 had to leave them as I couldn't catch them names are tarzan and rambo black n white was inside not sure about black."

Tarzan and Rambo

Source: Facebook/ Ashley Stewart

Nina Goodwin wrote that her family's cat was at home and "Chloe is her name".

The SPCA also asked people to make sure pets left at homey have an escape route, and access to fresh water and food.

Bekah-Jane Horton responded: "Easier said than done, took dogs but left behind rabbits and cats, made sure they had food and water. rabbits have 2 storied hutches, heart breaks for them but limited time had to get my kids out".

The SPCA offered to get the rescue team to check on her pets.

Anne Gould offered to help look after animals if needed.

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