SPCA prosecution: Goat riddled with parasites and with no food in stomach euthanised

A goat was euthanised after being found riddled with parasites and with plastic and rope, but no food, in her stomach.

Goatie the goat Source: Supplied

Yvette Doorey was sentenced yesterday on a charge of ill treating an animal, and was ordered to do community work, banned from owning stock for three years and fined.

Her goat, named Goatie, was found chained to a trailer with no shelter or water in a very thin condition and reluctant to stand.

A vet found she was severely dehydrated, and faecal testing revealed she was riddled with parasites, among a raft of issues.

“Unfortunately, the parasite burden Goatie was living with was off the scale and can only be described as literally sucking the life out of her," Tracy Phillips of the SPCA said.

"She also went without basic husbandry requirements which was fatal. She suffered alone during the winter months with no option for relief.”

She had no food in her stomach. Instead, rope, a sheet of plastic and another object were found.

"Her overgrown hooves and the parasites would have taken weeks if not months to develop, and in the weeks leading up to her death, she wouldn’t have been able to walk."

Doorey said she'd owned Goatie for several months and thought she looked fine.

A vet concluded that Goatie’s condition was the result of a failure to comply with basic husbandry requirements

Goatie was put down.