SPCA finds no evidence of cruelty after Wellington address searched over decorated birds

The SPCA has found no evidence of cruelty to birds after searching a Wellington address over an investigation into decorated birds being found in the area.

The investigation came about following the 2015 fledgling season,where the SPCA started getting calls about pigeons and sparrows with decorations ranging from wine glass charms, tinsel, cloth, bows, metal clamps to plastic bag material attached to them.

Reports of decorated birds spiked during the 2018 Christmas period, with up to 30 calls being made to the SPCA about sightings in the suburb of Kilbirnie, an SPCA spokesperson said.

SPCA veterinarians treat a pigeon with tinsel stuck on it. Source: SPCA

The SPCA visited a property in Kilbirnie last week after 1 NEWS saw pigeons with Christmas decorations attached to them in an aviary at the property.

However, in a statement released today the SPCA says there was no evidence of cruelty to birds found at the address.

"The search warrant found no incriminating evidence that the occupants were responsible for capturing the birds, decorating, and releasing them.

"The owners have an open aviary with homing pigeons, and the birds found there last week have also been victim to whoever is decorating birds in the Kilbirnie area," part of the statement reads.

SPCA’s Inspectors will continue to investigate the case, and are calling on Kilbirnie residents to help by contacting SPCA’s Wellington Centre on 04 389 8044 if they have any information.

The SPCA wants members of the public to come forward if they know anything about the decorated birds. Source: SPCA