Spark's replacement of old landline phone system should create no 'issues' for customers - tech expert




Spark customers shouldn't notice "any issues" as the telco rolls out new technology to replace New Zealand's old copper wire landline telephone network, a technology expert says.

The company says the move will future-proof New Zealand's phone network, but not all are keen on the switch.
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The telco has announced it is doing away with the technology for good and switching to an internet based system, which will be implemented over five years.

Speaking on TVNZ 1's Breakfast today, technology expert Paul Spain said Spark's "commitment is to deliver (the new technology rollout) in a pretty seamless way, so customers shouldn't notice, really, any issues".

The telco is doing away with the old technology and switching to an internet based system.
Source: Breakfast

Transitioning to a fully digital telecommunications platform shouldn't be too much of a hurdle for most New Zealanders, according to Mr Spain.

"We're pretty used to that now, most of our calls are on mobile rather than on a physically connected line," he says.

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During the overhaul, Spark will get rid of around 1300 tonnes of old technology from 500 telephone exchanges around the country.

"They're moving in the current times … a lot of the smaller telcos have been using this technology as their only platform for a long time," Mr Spain says.

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