South Canterbury's Fox Peak skifield without snow this winter

A skifield with no snow, it is far from ideal, but it's the scenario that South Canterbury's Fox Peak is faced with this year. 

The skifield is surrounded by other operators who have got enough snow to open, but despite the bad luck, they're far from giving up.

"It's disappointing, we had such a good year last year," Fox Peak club president Alistair Millar told 1 NEWS.

After last year's successful season upgrades were on the cards.

"We were all motivated to get things done, create a new sign and replace the old one," said Fox Peak committee member, Blair Wilkinson.

With no skiers, there's no reason to hang the new sign yet.

In nearby Fairlie, the lack of snow has affected local businesses. 

"You don't have so many customers who call in for a coffee before they head up to the field," said cafe owner Christine O'Connell.

The Fox Peak Lodge however, is still in demand and they're not phased that Lilybank station, where they lease the land, is up for sale.

"Ready to go, ready to push the button and kick it into gear, just need the snow to fall from the sky," said Mr Wilkinson.

The skifield might not have snow, but they love it just the same.

"Just an amazing place, so don't tell too many people," said Mr Millar.

In nearby Fairlie, the lack of snow is affecting local businesses this season. Source: 1 NEWS