South Auckland state house residents to be moved as major new development announced - 'I feel sad'

A massive new housing project in South Auckland unveiled by the government today will see 10,000 new houses built in the next ten to 15 years – but current residents are sad to see their homes go.

The project will see 3000 state houses and 3500 affordable KiwiBuild houses built for first homebuyers in Māngere.

Another 3500 houses will be sold on the private market.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford says the government will "replace 2700 old state houses with 10,000 new modern, warn dry homes".

"We're not expecting to inject a whole lot of extra capital into it. We're redeveloping a publicly-owned land, investing as we go [and] reinvesting that capital into the building of new homes," Mr Twyford said.

While the cost of the new private homes is unknown, the housing minister expects the KiwiBuild homes to sell for no more than $650,000.

However, Mary Fiefia, who's lived in her Māngere state home for 16 years, is sad to see it go.

"I feel sad because we have to, like, leave our old house," Ms Fiefia said.

Lemauga Lydia Sosene, who works for the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu community board, asks, "If we want our communities to remain, who is going to pay the difference for our families to remain?"

The government is currently working on a shared equity scheme to allow for families to remain in the area.

"Reducing the upfront costs, a homebuyer has to take on the payments and the deposits and the size of the mortgage over time. You pay that off and eventually, you can buy out that equity share," Mr Twyford said.

Housing New Zealand is promising to find accommodation for families who have been forced out of state properties to make way for the new development.

The government agency says it will cover costs and provide help for the families' relocation.

"When you've got growing families, you need the stability - a house provides that stability. It provides the family and extended family a base they can come to," Ms Sosene said.

The KiwiBuild homes in Māngere are needed, but for residents like Mary Fiefia, it means temporary relocation. Source: 1 NEWS