Some Wicked Camper vans deemed 'objectionable' making them illegal

Three Wicked Campers vans have been classified Objectionable, meaning it is illegal for anyone to supply, own, or possess the vans in New Zealand.

Associate tourism Minister Paula Bennett has named and shamed a man for a shocking comment sent to her in defence of the company. Source: 1 NEWS

In March police submitted a number of campervans to the Classification Office following public concern about the slogans and imagery on the Wicked Campers.

This is the first time the Classification Office has classified a vehicle as objectionable.

Previously it has included items such as billboards, t-shirts, and even a drink can.

Some camping grounds have been turning the vehicles away and Z Energy is considering whether to refuse to sell them petrol.

Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson says today's decision gives police more options, including possible penalties for people who drive the vehicles.

Associate Minister of Tourism Paula Bennett says the ruling "is a real victory for everyone that has seen the vans and been offended by the awful slogans and images on them".

"This will send a clear message to Wicked Campers that their offensive slogans are not welcome here and it's time they cleaned up their act."

Ms Bennett says if Wicked Campers continue to use the three slogans banned today they could face a fine of up to $200,000 per offence.