Some Auckland police officers choosing to wear bulletproof body armour as gun crimes rise

Some Auckland police officers are choosing to wear ballistic plate body armour as gun crimes rise.

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A patrol windscreen was shattered from the gun shot early in the morning of October 27. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes as the hunt continues for two gunmen who fired at a police officer in Northland yesterday, shattering the police car's windscreen.

The men may well be involved in a kidnapping just hours earlier and are believed to have close ties to the community.

As well as body armour concerns, the incident’s sparked renewed calls for police to have easier access to guns.

Police Association renews call for armed officers after gunmen shoot at Northland officer

Former police negotiator Lance Burdett doesn’t think this would have necessarily been the answer with the Northland incident.

“It could've been, as a deterrent, but this officer did exactly the right thing. Get out of there, regroup and then locate the people later,” he told 1 NEWS.

Burdett agrees there is a safety concern when it comes to police in the current climate.

“It sounds like things are escalating now, it sounds like things are getting out of control.

“It is concerning for the officers, so if they're in danger than we need to look after them.”