Some Air NZ crew 'facing hostility' when returning home because of Covid-19 stigma

Some Air New Zealand crew are "facing hostility and suspicion" when returning home from international flights due to Covid-19 stigma.

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Dr Ashley Bloomfield says he heard the reports from the airlines CEO. Source: 1 NEWS

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield says he heard the reports directly from the airline's chief executive.

"I met with Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran yesterday and he commented to me that some of his staff and crew members, particularly those flying international routes have been facing some hostility and suspiscion in their local communities.

"This could be your friend or a family member, please do show tolerance and support them.

"Remember, it is in their very best interests to make sure they are keeping themselves and their families and communities safe, they do not want to create Covid-19 infections in New Zealand and I know they are working very hard to ensure that doesn't happen," Dr Bloomfield said.

It comes as there were no new Covid-19 cases announced in New Zealand for the last two days.

The number of active cases in the country remains unchanged at 22.

One person remains at Auckland City Hospital, where they remain in a stable condition.

All of the cases returned from overseas and were, or are, in managed isolation facilities, Dr Bloomfield said.

There have been no cases of community transmission.

The number of New Zealand's confirmed Covid-19 cases remains at 1178. The Covid-19 death toll remains at 22.

Approximately 4530 tests were completed in New Zealand yesterday, bringing the total to 402,000.

Dr Bloomfield also warned about the possibility of community transmission in the future following an uptick in cases in the US and Australia.

He said yesterday's developments in Melbourne - where 10 areas have gone back under lockdown - serve as "a reminder that community transmission in the future is a real possibility and we may, here, need to take local measures to counteract community transmission if it occurs again.”