As solo mum's Māori, Pacific Island food caravan business booms her young son has to 'share his Mum'

A young Tauranga boy has had to learn to share his Mum with her customers as her food caravan business has taken off.

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Tauranga solo mum Jasmine Hayward says young Ezekiel has accepted a lot of what's happening with the business and is very proud of her. Source: Te Karere

Once a solo mother who needed to feed her son Ezekiel, now Jasmine Hayward feeds multitudes of people through her caravan business called Eze Feedz, TVNZ's Te Karere reports. 

It's known as the home of soul food in Tauranga and her kai is so popular Ms Hayward is expanding the business.

"It's meant bringing on more staff, it's meant working longer hours, being away from my baby a little bit more. But I have a really good team and we've just stuck in there and pulled it out really," said Ms Hayward, of Tauranga Moana.

She hasn't been in the business long and already Eze Feedz is booming, selling Māori and Pacific Island food.

"I needed to feed my boy and I needed to provide for him. And I knew how to make chop suey and I just started selling 10 chop sueys a week. And it grew to 30, then grew to two days a week and now five days a week," Ms Hayward said.

She is a solo mother to Ezekiel and that's how she thought of the name Eze Feedz. 

Now Ezekiel he must share his mother with her customers.

"It's just been the two of us for eight years, and for him to have to share his Mum has been really hard. So he's getting there. He's accepted a lot of what's happening. He's very proud of me and that's all I can really do," Ms Hayward said.

Because of the many customers, Eze Feedz will soon launch on Uber Eats.

The big question is, what's the most popular dish?

"I will have to be my e-burgers. So I do a fried bread with steak, onion and egg. And that has just been an amazing hit. So my friend here, my worker is making some right now," Ms Hayward said.

If you're hungry you must hurry. It's a first in, first serve business.