Solicitor-General pays tribute to 'selfless and courageous' Lecretia Seales

New Zealand's Solicitor-General has paid tribute to Lecretia Seales and praised the judge who delivered a "very careful, thorough" judgement.

Michael Heron QC has praised Justice Collins and paid tribute to Lucretia Seales, calling her selfless and courageous. Source: 1 NEWS

Michael Heron QC said Ms Seales was "selfless and courageous", while Justice Collins' judgement was "exceptional" in such a short time span.

"[Justice Collins] had to look at quite a number of Crimes Act provisions, the provisions relating to homicide, suicide, the prevention of suicide, hastening death, he had to look at international authority, he had witnesses from all around the world," Mr Heron said.

"It was a very careful, thorough judgement in four working days, that's pretty exceptional."

Ms Seales had terminal brain cancer and died aged 42 at 12.35am on Friday. It was just hours after her family received the decision about whether her doctor could help end her life without fear of prosecution.

Ms Seales, a Wellington lawyer, took the case to the High Court in Wellington to request a landmark ruling allowing her doctor to assist her in dying, without the risk of prosecution.

Ultimately, Justice Collins said he did not wish to "trespass on the role of Parliament" and ruled in favour of the Solicitor-General.