'Social wage' that would roll all benefits into one, proposed by Labour


Labour is considering a form of universal basic income as part of a raft of employment policies.

Labour's Grant Robertson

Source: 1 NEWS

Also known as a social wage, all Kiwis would be paid a flat income to replace existing social security like pensions and welfare benefits.

If a person earns more than the social wage, they won't get it.

The scheme's already being trialled in countries including the Netherlands and Canada, and Finland is considering adopting a form of universal wage.

Grant Robertson is running Labour's Future of Work Commission and says the idea is "on the table" but it is still early days.

"It's very early days, we have not made any decision about this but we think it's responsible to look at all of the possible options for giving people income security in a world where they will be changing jobs more often and where people will be out of work more often," he says.

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