'So easy even for a girl' — The Warehouse apologises for sexist product description

The Warehouse has issued an apology following a product description for a Milazo bike stating it's "so easy even for a girl."

Source: 1 NEWS

The website description for the Milzao-brand boys' bike included several spelling errors, claiming it had "Front & Read doulbe safety hand brake stystem [sic]".

It also said the quick-release brake was "so easy even for a girl".

Mother-of-three Julia Fowler said the description was "disgusting".

"I have two sons and a daughter and would hate for her to think she couldn't do anything her brothers can do," she told 1 NEWS.

The website description for the Milzao-brand boys' bike. Source: Supplied

"Seeing a massive chain store actually put females down in their bike description was pretty disgusting."

Another mother said the comment was "sexist."

"It's implying that females can't do a simple task as well as males can," said Vicky, who asked that 1 NEWS not use her surname. "They're a big company and it adds fuel to the fire on an already sexist world we live in."

A spokesperson for The Warehouse says the description was corrected as soon as they were made aware of it.

"The unacceptable language used in the product description came from an overseas supplier," the company said.

"This language does not align with our values."

Both mums said they're pleased the company has apologised and corrected its mistake.