Smartphones a woman's worst enemy as jealous ex-partners use GPS tracking

Growing fears in Australia over the number of men stalking their ex-partners using technology has led to concern in New Zealand as similar cases increase on this side of the ditch.

Increased concern for the safety of women who’ve fled domestic violence in Australia has been echoed here. Source: 1 NEWS

One young Australian mother, who asked to remain anonymous, said she fled her volatile relationship but her ex-partner had tracked her using a GPS device hidden in her daughter's toy doll.

"I said you shouldn't know where I live and he said 'you live at this, and this is the address of the refuge' and I said how the hell do you know where I live?"

Another woman was tracked after her ex-partner planted an iPhone in her car.

Tracking behaviour is increasing in New Zealand and is a worrying trend for Jill Proudfoot from domestic violence abuse charity Shine.

"It's one of the really high risk behaviours cause it's usually a person who is obsessively jealous and wants to know everything about what that targeted person is doing," she said.

She said women needed to be aware of tracking apps that may be on their smart phones.

"Those apps can be removed from phones it's just a matter of knowing they're there and getting the right person to help."