Smaller Pacific nations' hopes of full endorsement of declaration on climate change dashed

Smaller Pacific Island nations' hopes of getting a full endorsement on the Tuvalu declaration on climate change has failed.

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Nations at the Pacific Islands Forum eventually agreed on a statement and communique. Source: Breakfast

Leaders at the 50th Pacific Islands Forum, including Australia and New Zealand, held 12 hour long talks, agreeing eventually on a statement and communique.

Australia's expansion of its coal mines has pitted it against Pacific forum members.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said full statement would be realised later today.

"There was a desire to probably release the text tonight but the concern was that the local community had been waiting a very long time to entertain members of the Pacific Island forum and there was a desire not to hold them up any longer," Ms Ardern told media after the meeting.

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The Prime Minister called the meeting a "good debate, a robust debate", adding that the leaders were discussing some of the most substantive issues for the Pacific, including on climate change.

"It is clear on climate change, there is one view from the Pacific when it comes to the threat of climate change to this region - that is absolutely clear - and what we've managed to negotiate in the text is an agreement around what the path to addressing that needs to look like."

Ms Ardern wouldn't discuss Australia's point of view or language used when prompted by media.

"With any text though, and I've found this in previous forums, there'll be some who wish to go further and some who would've wished it to have been pushed back further in the other direction," Ms Ardern said. "Compromise is now new and I think you'll see there's been compormise in this."