Small NZ charity celebrates 1000th 'birthday kit' to help less fortunate kids turn five in style

Two women have been helping less fortunate Kiwi kids celebrate their fifth birthday in style.

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For many, the cost of putting on a lavish party can be a stretch. Source: Seven Sharp

Jane Thomas and Rae Blackwood started the School Start First Impressions charity back in 2015.

They put together kits to help kids start their school journey on the front foot - that includes a cake and a specially bought present to boot.

"When we started we thought we would make 25 kits a year, but we did 40 in six months," Ms Thomas told Seven Sharp yesterday as she celebrated the charity's 1000th box.

On average, Ms Blackwood now bakes 40 cakes a month for kids' "Turning Five" charity boxes.

The financial burden on the charity is large and its volunteers hope to gain more corporate sponsorship and public donations so they can make more boxes in the future.