Small Manawatū town may be home to New Zealand's biggest Christmas display

A small Manawatū town may be home to New Zealand’s most extensive Christmas display, with the number of dolls, bears and Santa Clauses easily outnumbering the number of the people living there.

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The Manawatū barn has more items in the Christmas display than the number of people in town. Source: Seven Sharp

The display in Bunnythorpe is now open to the public.

“I've got over a thousand teddy bears and I've got just over a thousand dolls and I don’t know how many Christmases, I've given up on given up on counting Father Christmases,” Christmas enthusiast Marilyn told Seven Sharp.

Some of them were made by her dad, though the rest came at a cost.

“(I’ve spent) mega thousands, probably could have paid the mortgage off twice instead of having a mortgage still.”