Sleepout for the homeless spreads to Wellington




People are sleeping in cars in central Wellington and South Auckland this weekend to raise awareness of housing as an issue.

Camping out at Mangere in show of solidarity with homeless

Camping out at Mangere in show of solidarity with homeless

Source: 1 NEWS

People will sleep in their cars near Parliament at the Cathedral of St Paul in Wellington and in Otara in South Auckland tonight.

People slept in their cars in support of those without homes, and to put pressure on the government to do something about it.
Source: 1 NEWS

"We want to rev up and signal to our policy makers that we care," organisers of the Otara event say on their Facebook page.

The Child Poverty Action Group, which supports the protests, says everyone deserves a home and every child deserves a warm, dry and safe environment to grow up in.

"The housing situation for many children and families is an ongoing concern for CPAG, particularly those living in cars or garages for often long periods of time."

The #Parkupforhomes initiative was started by a small group of friends based in Mangere, who decided that it is time to rally together to show solidarity with those facing winter living in a car or garage.

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