Sleep expert shares tips on how to get a good night's kip on World Sleep Day

An expert has given TVNZ1's Seven Sharp some top tips on how to sleep better as we celebrate World Sleep Day, today.

Sleep researcher and psychologist Dr Lora Wu says sleep needs be treated as an important part of our normal health regime.

"My number one tip for sleep is to care about sleep just as much as you do diet and exercise," Dr Wu said.

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Another top tip is to get out of bed when you can't sleep to train your brain that your bed is for sleeping she added.

When asked if napping is a good idea, Dr Wu has some good news.

"A short nap can help you top up on any sleep you may have lost at night."

Dr Wu recommended around 20 minutes is sufficient if you need a small top up and definitely no longer than an hour.

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Psychologist Dr Lora Wu shares her wisdom. Source: Seven Sharp

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