Slater texts - Greens say John Key 'caught red-handed'

The Green Party says John Key's answers to questions about dirty politics can't be trusted after he was forced to backtrack over contact with blogger Cameron Slater.

John Key's memory lapse over contact with blogger Cameron Slater was not the first time this week he suffered a brain fade Source: Breakfast

The Prime Minister's memory lapse yesterday over contact with the Whaleoil blogger was not the first time this week he suffered a brain fade over recent communication with him.

Mr Key told reporters on Tuesday he hadn't spoken to Mr Slater on the phone for months but acknowledged he (Slater) "sent me a text one time, I can't remember when that was".

Asked by the media if he'd had text communications and phone calls with Mr Slater about the latest report, Mr Key said "no".

However, it has since emerged Mr Key had a text conversation with Mr Slater the previous evening.

"New Zealanders can't believe what the Prime Minister says, he has been caught red handed," Green Party co-leader Meter True said.

"The public's trust in John Key will be rightfully eroded by these events. We can't have a Prime Minister that misleads the people of New Zealand, including journalists and Parliament."

Mr Key told the media this morning that he hadn't "rung the guy (Slater)" and that he hadn't "proactively text him - I haven't been caught out".

"I don't keep any of my text messages, I get thousands - I'm fundamentally not in contact with Slater," he said.