SkyCity workers could strike over work conditions after convention centre fire

Around 1000 SkyCity workers are threatening to strike for four days over what they say are unsafe work conditions due to residual smoke from the nearby convention centre fire.

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Affected businesses are hoping the Government might cough up some compensation. Source: 1 NEWS

The strike is due to begin at 8pm.

According to Joe Carolan from Unite, which represents some SkyCity workers, many have complained about their working conditions today, with their eyes watering, struggles in breathing and also pregnant women who are finding it difficult to work .

Mr Carolan told 1 NEWS it's not right for workers to be back in that environment since an independent inspection hasn't yet been conducted of the SkyCity precinct, including a hotel and casino.

"We need WorkSafe in there to asses if it's safe to work or not," Mr Carolan says.

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The fire engulfed most of the roof, which was being covered with waterproofing products. Source: 1 NEWS

SkyCity told 1 NEWS hygienists have been on site and declared it a safe space to work in.

Anyone that was feeling unwell today was allowed to go home - there were three such cases throughout the day.

Every worker has been eligible for free taxis to and from work since the fire broke out on Tuesday.