'Skuxx!' - Tim Wilson meets a slang expert then puts some random Kiwis to the language test

The Kiwi slang is changing real fast getting it right can be a "total mare", which is slang for nightmare.

"Kiwi Speak" author and slang expert Justin Brown says New Zealand's lingo is on the move, so Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson took to the streets of Auckland to put some randoms to the test.

The first slang word Wilson put to the test was "hungus" which Mr Brown defined as where there is a smorgasbord board and you act like Homer Simpson and scoff everything you can.

Participants replied "I have no idea" and "I've never actually heard that."

The second slang word was 'lit' which means awesome, wicked or pleasantly drunk.

Participants thought it meant "lighting up something", "literally" or "lit up."

The last slang word is was 'skuxx' which means hot or good looking.

A participant confidently but incorrectly said "It's a new generation way of saying sucks".

Seven Sharp's Tim Wilson meets a slang expert then puts some randoms to the test. Source: Seven Sharp

Inside Parliament: Flashback to Ruth Richardson becoming National's Finance Spokesperson in 1989

With Amy Adams becoming the first female finance spokesperson for a major party since Ruth Richardson was appointed to that role for National in 1989, the 1 NEWS Inside Parliament team takes a look back at Ms Richardson's appointment.

Jim Bolger made Ms Richardson the National Finance Spokesperson after her bid for deputy leader of the party failed.

This week Katie Bradford and Stacey Kirk discuss the latest politics news. Source: 1 NEWS

She then went on to become the Minister of Finance when National came into power in the 1990 election.

If National can go on to win the next election, Amy Adams will be the first female Finance Minister since Ms Richardson left the job in 1993.

Amy Adams has recently become the first female finance spokesperson for a major party since Ms Richardson's appointment. Source: 1 NEWS


Despite great strides being made, women take backwards step when it comes to senior workplace positions

Hundreds are out celebrating International Women's Day today.

2018 marks 125 years since women got the vote in New Zealand.

But, a damning report has revealed the country has taken a backwards step with gender equality, with just 18 per cent of females holding the top jobs in New Zealand businesses.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says we have a long way to go but having Jacinda Ardern as our current Prime Minister shows times have changed.

"It would’ve been impossible for me to govern at 37 years old," she told Breakfast’s Jack Tame this morning.

A women’s breakfast was held at parliament this morning to mark the occasion.

Julie Anne Genter, Minster for Women, took the opportunity to say how proud she is that within the new government's first 100 days they had extended paid parental leave and now are advocating for further progress.

Ms Clark says we can expect to see more females standing up for one another, what they believe in and what is right following the "Me too" global movement.

The alarming figures come as 2018 marks the 125th anniversary of women getting the vote in NZ. Source: 1 NEWS