Sistema workers walk off the job amid concerns over working during lockdown

Sistema's workers went on strike today after the storage company announced to workers they would still be required to work during the month-long lockdown.

Source: 1 NEWS

The company sent employees a letter earlier today telling them they would remain operational during the four week lockdown period as the company is an essential service.

“As a manufacturer of food storage, lunch and hydration categories, our business is deemed necessary to support New Zealand’s essential services,” a letter given to Sistema workers reads.

The company stated there would be “continued demand” in storage for food and beverages especially now the public were eating at home.

The letter says employees who feel uncomfortable about continuing work during the lockdown should consult their manager or supervisor as there may be an option to work from home. 

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In a press conference this afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was unsure whether Sistema would be classified as an essential service but encouraged people to work at home if they can. 

A meeting with management has been going for the past hour to discuss the decision to stay open.