Sir Paul McCartney touches down in NZ - and heads for Hawke's Bay

Music legend Sir Paul McCartney has arrived in New Zealand ahead of his concert with reports that he has landed in Hawke's Bay.

Sir Paul's private jet is believed to have landed at Hawke's Bay airport late last night after normal scheduled flights had finished.

A member of the plane's crew told Hawke's Bay Today that McCartney had already left. It has not been established where he is staying.

The Hey Jude hit-maker is playing at Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland on Saturday night but it appears he will be spending time in the sun and vines in the lead-up.

The former Beatles star received rave reviews for his performance in Sydney on Monday night, being awarded 4.5 stars by the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The show proves much more than an ageing rock star turning up, cashing in and helping a few thousand people with their bucket lists. By the end, it genuinely turns out to be a musical experience like few others," the newspaper said.

Paul McCartney Source: Associated Press

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