Sir Owen Glenn may have discussed Monaco Consulate job

The Foreign Minister is refusing to deny talking to Sir Owen Glenn about the position of Honorary Consul for New Zealand in Monaco.

Sir Owen Glenn Source: 1 NEWS

Sir Owen's interest in the position became a major issue during the 2008 election campaign, after it emerged he had made donations to Labour and NZ First.

His representative in New Zealand confirmed to One News that discussions on the position had resumed this year.

Bill Birney said, "we have had discussions about other things and possibly Monaco."

"It may have been raised when he was last year which was at the beginning of the year."

Mr Birney went on to describe the discussions as "a bit loosey goosey" and would not say who the discussions were held with.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully would not deny he was party to the discussions.

"I've talked to him but I'm not going to go through details of a private discussion," Mr McCully said.

But any chance of Sir Owen taking a position appears to be either quashed or on ice.

Mr McCully said, "we're not contemplating making such an appointment at the moment."

Sir Owen declined to comment.