'This is simply not good enough' - Anne Tolley furious over potential privacy breach at ministry

The Social Development Minister is on the warpath after a potential privacy breach.

The Minister has demanded more information about how one non-government organisation could see the client data of another NGO. Source: 1 NEWS

The Ministry of Social Development discovered a technical issue with its system containing individual client data held by non-government organisations, allowing one organisation to see the folder of another.

Anne Tolley says she's furious and has asked her Chief Executive to investigate further.

That could include someone losing their job - although she can't say if it was human or technical error.

The Government requires NGOs who receive taxpayer funding to provide client data to the Ministry of Social Development. Only 10 organisations had so far provided information at the time of the breach.

It comes as the Privacy Commissioner says the demand for data is excessive and may breach people's privacy.

Under questioning in Parliament, Ms Tolley insisted the public can have confidence in MSD because she shut the portal down as soon as she became aware of the issue.

And no information will be put into the system until authorities are confident it is secure and people's privacy is protected.

Ms Tolley isn't backing away from the policy though, saying it's needed to ensure people reliant on social services are getting the support they need.