'Simple basic things' will get people through self-isolation says Nigel Latta

Keeping a routine at home is something that will help people get through four weeks of self-isolation says psychologist Nigel Latta. 

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Keep doing the "really simple things that will get us all through,” the psychologist advised. Source: 1 NEWS

"I think at the moment, everybody's wound up pretty tight because this is an extraordinary event," Nigel Latta told TVNZ1's news special.

Mr Latta recommends keeping everyday routines including putting on normal weekday clothes and eating breakfast as usual.

"What it's about for the next little bit is just doing really simple basic things," he said.

"Do the normal things, get up in the morning, you need to have a shower, if it's a week day, you need to put on your week day clothes and we need to get outside and exercise and just have some routine and structure in our day."

He said it's also important to have a plan.

"Parents are going to be facing a tough time over the next four weeks because we love our children but four weeks in a house with them, it's about having a plan in place about how you're going to parent. If there's little kids and two of you you can have turns taking care of kids.

"With older kids involve them in the plan."