Simon Bridges still struggling to cut through with voters, latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll shows

According to our latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll, Simon Bridges is still not cutting through with voters.

Despite a big push to boost the National leader's popularity, support for him has dropped, according to the latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll. Source: 1 NEWS

Despite a big push to boost the National leader’s popularity, support for him dropped to 10 per cent, though he says he’s not concerned.

“This is very early days for me; I'm a new leader, and five months in. I’m not far from the start of an election. I know this isn't going to be handed to me on a platter I really have to work at it to earn New Zealanders’ trust,” Mr Bridges said.

Winston Peters has seen a bounce since he’s been standing in for Jacinda Ardern with the New Zealand First leader up one per cent to five.

Mr Bridges said he is happy with the polls overall, with National dominating the party stakes again on 45 while Labour has dropped 1 point on 42.

“It is ultimately that party vote that determines power in our system and determines who gets to be the government and who gets to be the prime minister,” Mr Bridges said.

The Greens are up now on six per cent, a big change from the last poll while New Zealand First is back in the game after hitting the magical five per cent mark.

Ms Ardern, who dropped one point in the preferred prime minister stakes to 40 per cent, says she was pleased with the results for the Labour party and her coalition partners.

“I’m pleased about that.  The fact we have demonstrated steady numbers as a government and as a whole, I think it shows that despite what some people say this is about the collective.”


Party vote:

National Party- 45 per cent (Steady from 19-23 May 2018)

Labour Party- 42 per cent  (Down 1 per cent-point)

Green Party- 6 per cent ( Up 1 per cent-point)

New Zealand First- 5 per cent ( Up 1 per cent-point)

Act Party - 1 per cent (Steady)

Maori Party- 1 per cent (Steady)

Preferred Prime Minister:

Jacinda Ardern- 40 per cent (Down 1 per cent-point from 19-23 May 2018)

Simon Bridges- 10 per cent (Down 2 per cent-points)

Winston Peters- 5 per cent (Up 1 per cent-point)