Simon Bridges says Judith Collins' analysis of his leadership is 'right and fine' after MP refused to rate his performance

Despite a somewhat awkward interview in which National MP Judith Collins seemingly struggled to compliment her party leader, Simon Bridges says her descriptions of him were "right and fine".

Mr Bridges was questioned about his dipping preferred prime minister poll status on TVNZ1's Breakfast today. He was also played back footage from Monday night's Q&A show where Ms Collins called him "friendly" when talking about what makes him a good leader.

"Every leader is different and he certainly has appreciated the work that I've been doing and that's all I can ask," she told Q+A host Jack Tame.

Quizzed again by Tame on his attributes, Ms Collins said, "well he's very friendly, very personable, very approachable".

"I'm just doing my job and that's the best thing for me to do, stay focused and not get all excited about polls", she said, adding she wouldn't point score leaders.

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A 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll has Ms Collins ahead of National leader Simon Bridges as preferred PM. Source: Q+A

But today Mr Bridges responded about Ms Collins' Q+A appearance, saying: "What I heard was absolutely right and fine". He also pointed out National was the most popular party in the most recent 1 NEWS' Colmar Brunton poll.

"That's because we are holding the Government to account, that's because, whether it's my colleague Judith, whether it's Paula Bennett, whether it's Mark Mitchell, whether it's Shane Reti, whether it's Nikki Kaye - we know that this Government, Labour, is failing to deliver on its promises.

"It's more tax, debt, it's a weaker economy - look, we're doing our job and we're doing it just fine, thanks very much."

But Mr Bridges went head-to-head with Breakfast host John Campbell when it was put to him that National responded negatively to everything the Government did.

"What you just said was completely just nonsense, John," Mr Bridges said.

"You just said we're contrary and we oppose everything that walks.

"Let me just give you three examples, the first one is in relation to child poverty where we were an integral part of that law making process, the second one is gun reform - we were an integral part of the process and we assisted to make the law better, and the third one right now where we have been incredibly involved is in relation to climate change.

"Where the work is good and we agree with, we go with it, but our job is to be in opposition and we'll do that."

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National’s leader analysed his MP’s appearance on TVNZ1’s Q&A on Monday night. Source: Breakfast

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