'Significant rain' possible for Auckland, Northland today ahead of wet weekend for much of NZ

Much of the country is expected to get a battering of rain this weekend with "significant rain" possible in Auckland to Northland today.

NIWA’s principal scientist Chris Brandolino told TVNZ1’s Breakfast there will be quite a lot of rain falling in a short period of time.

"There will be a far bit of rain today, so heavy rain possible from Auckland to Northland and also Kapiti Coast and the Tararua [Ranges] could see some significant rain," Brandolino said.

According to Metservice there will also be some scattered showers over eastern parts of the South Island today as southerlies develop.

Brandolino says it is not all doom and gloom this weekend with Saturday catching a break.

"There’s a couple of episodes to this show, with intermission being Saturday, the first part comes today with the rain, then we catch a collective break tomorrow … but then the southern storm comes, cold front and we get another round and that’s part two."

Metservice says the heaviest rain is expected to fall on eastern parts of both the North and South Islands on Sunday.

Mr Brandolino says this rain is good news for parts of the country that are dry.

"Nelson is still dealing with that fire and they’re going to get some rain there."

But with it being so dry in the regions he warns to watch out for potential flooding.

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NIWA’s principal scientist Chris Brandolino gave TVNZ1’s Breakfast his outlook. Source: Breakfast