'Significant progress' made on repairs of damaged pipeline that led to fuel crisis




The new section of the ruptured Marsden Point pipeline has been welded and passed a final inspection.

Repairs of the Marsden Point pipeline are well underway.

Repairs of the Marsden Point pipeline are well underway.


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment announced the successful test on the welds today.

"Industry officials have announced the damaged section of pipeline has been removed," MBIE chief executive Carolyn Tremain says.

"Welding of the new section successfully passed the final weld inspection, and the next steps to restore flow in the pipeline are now under way."

Ms Tremain says the pipeline will be ready for jet fuel delivery to the Wiri storage facility tomorrow.

After that, at least 30 hours will be needed for "settling" and transport to the airport.

Refining NZ chief executive Sjoerd Post says signs near the pipe warn 'No Digging' but more protection is needed.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Nearly all flights at Auckland Airport are operating as normal, with only five international flights cancelled [on Saturday] due to the fuel situation. No domestic flights have been cancelled," Ms Tremain said.

Meanwhile, a tanker has arrived early on Auckland's waterfront this afternoon with more than one million litres of jet fuel.

The tanker, the Matuku, will offload 1.5 million litres of jet fuel and 5.5 million litres of diesel. The fuel should be ready for transport to the airport early in the week.

The HMNZS Endeavour will no longer be needed to distribute fuel around the country, Ms Tremain said, so will return to Devonport Naval Base.

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