'A sign that our language is thriving' - Te Reo speaking dolls prove massive hit




Te Reo speaking dolls have proved to be a massive hit and the Rotorua couple who started the business have used the success to help develop a cartoon. 

The Rotorua couple are using the success of their Pipi Ma dolls to help develop a cartoon.
Source: 1 NEWS

Hopeha Tuahine and Kristin Ross started selling te reo speaking Pipi Ma dolls online last year and within the first day of the store opening, the dolls sold out.

"About 10,000 people visit our Pipi Ma page a day," Ms Ross told 1 NEWS. 

A new miniature line of the dolls has also proved to be popular with Chinese. 

Developing the cartoon was always in the plan which now has strong investor interest after Maori funding groups didn't believe in the idea. 

Disney has also helped to market the dolls, with ads playing in cinemas showing the te reo version of Moana. 

"That's the good thing about this, it uplifts the status of Teo Reo Maori in our communities and among or children, a sign that our language is thriving," Ms Ross said.

The cartoon is set to play on New Zealand television screens in December. 

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