'Shut up and Dance' gets ordinary Kiwis dancing like Queen B and Biebs

Three women who set up dance classes in Wellington to teach pop star moves have found the weekly classes totally sold out and plan to expand to other cities around the country. 

What happens if you want to take your dancing beyond closed doors and actually learn pop star moves from professionals? Source: Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp reports the women found there was a lack of opportunities for non-professional dancers to learn from professionals how to move like Beyonce, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber.

So Abby Damen, Lesa Macleod-Whiting and a dancer from the UK, Clair Thomas, are fixing all that with their new venture 'Shut up and Dance'.

"We looked for a class like this because we were willing to pay to do it. And I think we both Googled '80s dance class or Michael Jackson dance class or something. And we thought cool, let's do it," one of the ladies told the programme.

The trio say the classes are definitely not for professionals and "Shut up and Dance is about feeling good and not looking good".

They have a philosophy of no mirrors, no cameras and no videos to create an environment where people can really dance like no-one's watching.

Since kicking off in February, the weekly classes have been total sell outs.

And they've had a pretty big shout out on Instagram from pop star royalty Jessie J herself.

"If you are in NZ go and support his amazing new business venture!" she posted.

Ms Thomas said: "We've been friends since we were like three. And she's so supportive. It's a thing that we're doing and it's epic that she supports us and has our back."   

Ms MacLeod-Whiting said the women thought the first course "was going to be maybe 20 of our good friends and family just here to support us. But then 60 people signed up and we knew none of them".

The trio are now expanding to include Saturday classes.

And they also plan to set up in other cities around the country, so everyone can get their dance on.