Should we ditch daylight savings to keep the light for longer?

A lobby group in New Zealand wants to ditch daylight savings and switch to permanent summer hours.

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One lobby group wants NZ to switch to permanent summer hours. Source: Seven Sharp

It's not the first time the idea has been mooted - back in 1946 daylight savings was discontinued for a time.

There was some consternation when it was due to be reintroduced in the 1970s.

"Don't feel they should mess around with the time at all, the only reason we can see is to oblige the town people," one man said in an archive interview from 1967.

"If they want to get up an hour earlier in the morning and go for a swim well they're quite entitled to do so but they can leave the clock alone while they're doing it," he continued.

Founder of lobby group Take Back the Clocks, Louis Houlbrooke, appeared on Seven Sharp with similar sentiments.

"Everyone loves having more time in the evenings, the problem is this going back and forth, it creates a kind of compulsory jetlag," Mr Houlbrooke says.

He thinks the twice-yearly clock changes cause unnecessary disruption to parents and business' routines.

It's not just humans who are negatively affected by daylight savings either, according to Mr Houlbrooke.

"Think about dairy cows, they get awfully stressed when there is a change to their morning routine, which affects milk production."

Farmers are more flexible these days, says Mr Houlbrooke, and are more open to having a permanent system in place.

Seven Sharp host Jeremy Wells disagreed with the lobby group's plan.

"I think it works fine the way it is," he said. "I mean, your phone changes the time automatically anyway."