Should sales of energy drinks to children under 16 in New Zealand be banned?

As UK supermarkets follow other countries in banning the sale of energy drinks to those under 16-years-old, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp asked Kiwi parents whether we should be doing the same here.

Energy drinks are a potent mix of sugar, caffeine, and other stimulants like guarana, so should our kids be drinking them?

"I would actually be happier with him drinking a coffee," one mother said when offered an energy drink for her child.

"They're too young for caffeine," another parent said.

At the skate park in Auckland's Browns Bay, Seven Sharp's Gill Higgins spotted a number of kids quaffing down energy drinks with the equivalent of three espresso shots in them.

So do New Zealand parents think we should follow suit with the UK and ban energy drink sales to under 16s?

"I think it's a good law, would be great to have it here," a Danish father said.

"Absolutely brilliant, that's how it should be," a Kiwi mum said.

The UK will join India, Lithuania and Latvia who also have age restrictions on the sale of energy drinks. in place

Such a ban is coming to supermarkets in the UK. Source: Seven Sharp