Should New Zealand become a republic? Labour leader signals referendum plan

New Zealand needs to find out "whether it can stand on its own two feet" and consider holding a vote on becoming a republic, Labour leader Andrew Little says.

The Labour leader says Kiwis should get to vote on 'whether we want to stand on our two feet'. Source: Breakfast

In the wake of the flag referendum, the opposition leader said he voted against the alternative as it "doesn't reflect anything about New Zealand at all".

"I'm pleased to say we haven't adopted it," he said. 

Mr Little said the country should revisit the issue "sooner rather than later", suggesting a flag that "genuinely represents who we are, the diversity that is New Zealand". 

When asked if a republic referendum is something he would do in power, Mr Little said it is something he would discuss. 

"I would do that at the end of the reign of the current monarch, have a good public debate," he said. 

"To me the big issue is... a sense of identity, standing on our own two feet.

"The way to do this is to have a Head of State who's not living in London but in New Zealand."