Should Kiwi kids who aren't vaccinated be banned from pre-school? Labour's Andrew Little says it's 'well worth looking at'

Labour's Andrew Little says it is well worth considering following Australia's lead in looking at whether children who are not vaccinated should be banned from childcare centres.

The Labour leader says it's worth considering stopping unvaccinated kids from attending pre-school, like is being proposed in Australia. Source: Breakfast

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has written to state and territory leaders asking them to support a national policy and more consistent laws to exclude children who haven't had their shots from childcare centres.

About 93 per cent of children are said to be vaccinated, but Mr Turnbull wants to take that rate above 95 per cent.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said government's tough "no jab, no pay" policy of withholding family payments to parents of unvaccinated children is being supplemented by an "equally tough" policy of "no jab, no play".

Mr Little said he was open to the idea and said New Zealand should investigate the issue.

"I think it's well worth looking at here," Mr Little told Breakfast.

"I think the whole thing about mass vaccination is that everybody has got to be treated.

"There will be some exceptions, but everybody has got to be treated. 

"Those who don't, those who choose not to put others at risk and that's not right, particularly when we have the chance to eliminate some pretty terrible diseases." 

New research shows parents who received information discouraging them from vaccinating their children were twice as likely to not to get them immunised. Source: Breakfast

Currently, parents have to show their immunisation certificate when enrolling at early childcare centres, but children can't be prevented from attending if they don't have their shots.