Should cups be stored upwards or downwards? Poll shows Kiwis divided

Cups come in all different shapes and sizes; tall, short, colourful and even the ones you set aside specially for the grandparents.

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Seven Sharp turns to science for some answers. Source: Seven Sharp

But when it comes to unpacking them out of the dishwasher, there's one big question that's dividing the nation.

Which way do you prefer to keep your cups in the cupboard? Facing upright or downwards? 

A survey conducted by research company Perceptive revealed there's a 50-50 split when it comes to how Kiwis prefer to store them. 

It showed that 45 per cent of people prefer to leave their cups upside down and the other 44 per cent preferred the opposite. 

There's also a huge sway when it comes to different age groups, with younger Kiwis more likely to store their cups upside down. Whereas the older generation are more likely to store them upright.

When Seven Sharp took to the streets to ask what everyday New Zealanders thought, they said cleanliness was a driving factor behind their decision. 

"It just seems weird putting the rim on the ground, like I don't quite like it that way. It's the germs thing," said one bystander. 

"If there's any residue or water on it after I wash the dishes  it just drips down," shared another.  

But according to the experts, there's no right way to keep your cup. 

"Neither one is necessarily better than the other. No one is wrong in this situation but also no one is right. I just think it's one of those things where your choice is gonna be based on what you grew up with," says Dr Stephen Archer. 

As long as you're not wiping them down with raw chicken, he says a little bit of germ exposure isn't going to cause any harm.