Should community service for all New Zealand teenagers be compulsory?

New Zealand First's potential policy of compulsory community service for teenagers has been getting support from those in the industry.

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The NZ First idea, in principle at least, gets a tick from the Student Volunteer Army’s Sam Johnson. Source: Seven Sharp

Winston Peters has been talking up a policy proposal of compulsory community service for 15 to 19-year-olds.

"We're talking about putting some time aside for your country and your community. We'll get that policy up, and we'll see how it goes," he said of the potential policy.

The idea - in principle at least - is getting a tick from the Student Volunteer Army's Sam Johnson.

"I think anything the Government does to get more people off the couch into volunteering is a great thing and so I am certainly excited about the debate that is going to happen as a result of Winston's new policy," he told Seven Sharp.

Mr Johnson says the Student Volunteer Army currently has incentive-based volunteer schemes on offer and there is an appetite for them.

"Kids are wanting to volunteer their time but are lacking the framework to do it," he says.

Mr Johnson hopes that Mr Peters volunteer policy talk will get people talking and lead to more Government funding.