Should Air New Zealand replace its inflight sweets with prunes?

It seems one man's suggestion for Air New Zealand to replace its in-flight lollies with prunes isn't finding favour with Kiwis.

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Seven Sharp’s Julian Lee hits the street to find out what Kiwis think. Source: Seven Sharp

Freddie Coltart‎ took to the airline's Facebook page to suggest that prunes should be offered to passengers as a healthier alternative.

"When I was flying a few weeks ago I noticed that a little boy was handing out sweets on the flight. I know you've been doing this for years but don't you think this might have become outdated? Kids eating sweets is bad for their dental and physical health," he wrote.

"In saying this I do understand these sweets are part of your brand. So I propose a healthier alternative ... What about handing out single-serving prunes instead? As one of NZ's biggest brands it would be good to be encouraging clean eating and healthy digestion."

"Consider the prune," he added.

The post went viral, and the airline said it would pass the feedback on.

Mr Coltart didn't want to speak to Seven Sharp about the issue due to some negative feedback he'd received, so reporter Julian Lee hit the streets of Christchurch to see what people thought.

Most people spoken to said they preferred lollies for their ear-popping properties, while others said prunes could have an explosive effect on the digestive system.

"Everyone knows the reason for the lollies is that it helps pop your ears as you land," one woman said.

"A prune ain't gonna do that. It might help evacuate something else."

A couple of people offered support for the prunes, but unfortunately for Mr Coltart, his idea didn't find much support.