'Shot like we were animals' - witness describes scene of Christchurch mosque terror attack

A witness at the scene of the shooting in the Linwood Mosque describes being shot at 'like we were animals'.

Farhaan Farheez told TVNZ1's Breakfast, "I have never experienced anything like this before in my life... ...this is just really devastating, I am in shock.”

Mr Faheez was in the Linwood Mosque when the gunman entered.

“We were in the middle of prayers and the gunman just started shooting.

“I saw a gun being pointed and everyone being shot at.”

He said in that moment everyone ducked for cover.

"People were just trying to hide, people were screaming and people were obviously frightened for their lives.”

He said while this was happening he called the police and the ambulance.

“Once the shooting had stopped I tried to make sure everyone was ok.”

Mr Faheez said a lot of people were bleeding and asking for water.

"I remember an individual whose hand was bleeding he requested for water with the other hand so I gave him water and then some ladies were screaming for water so I gave them water. I was just trying to help out as much as I could.”

A number of victims were seen being wheeled into hospital.
Source: 1 NEWS