Shorts-wearing Dunedin girl, 7, successfully sways school for more equitable dress code

A seven-year-old Dunedin girl has made a big impact on her school by petitioning them to change the uniform.

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Fed up with her itchy pinafore, Kayleigh Dryden took matters into her own hands. Source: Seven Sharp

Kayleigh Dryden decided to take a stand by making changes to her St Francis Xavier School pinafore, which she found uncomfortable.

"The current pinafores we wear are heavy, flappy and difficult and not ideal in the heat," she wrote in a letter to the school.

With this in mind, Kayleigh asked if she could wear shorts to school instead like the boys at St Francis Xavier did.

After reading her well-written letter the school agreed to let girls wear shorts during terms one and four when the weather is at its hottest.

Last Friday, Kayleigh wore shorts to school for the first time.

"They feel good and comfortable and not itchy," Kayleigh told Seven Sharp of her new uniform.

Some of her classmates have also taken up the trend and school principal Carmel Jolly thinks Kayleigh has a big future.

"The world’s her oyster, isn't it?"