Short back and sides long gone as NZ barbering takes off

The barbering industry is an exploding market in New Zealand as young people flock to train at barber school.

The barbering industry is an exploding market here in NZ, young people flocking to train. Source: Seven Sharp

And the country's first barbering competition happens this weekend.

The classic barber did short back and sides but Julian Maloney from BarberCraft says modern barbers are expected to whip out a dozen or more different haircuts.

The Kiwi man's attitude to grooming has changed and Mr Maloney says guys walk out of a rugby changing room with the sharpest hair cuts, latest shoes and latest clothes.

"They're very aware," he told Seven Sharp last night.

It's booming, it's amazing. - Julian Maloney from BarberCraft

And it's not just the townies on the trend with modern barber shops popping up all over the country.

Jeremy Hava has been barbering in New Zealand for a year now and says the standard is as good as in Europe and "better than Australia".

The industry is so popular that a competition has been established - the first of its kind to be held in Auckland this weekend.

The competition will see barbers competing in challenges such as the classic cut, hot towel shave and beard shaping.

It will also reveal just how far the barber boundaries can be pushed but tips for the next big thing are a return to the 90s and big bouffant hair.