Shocking video shows Kiwis nearly being hit by trains as authorities urge people to pay attention at crossings

Video has been released showing several near misses at rail crossings, with authorities urging people to look for trains before they cross the tracks.

KiwiRail and TrackSAFE have released the videos in an effort to reduce the number of near misses, which are currently at about 300 per year.

New rail safety gates are to be installed by mid-2020 across Auckland to improve safety at crossings.

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Anna Scott says it wasn't until she saw footage of her son's incident that she realised how close he came to death. Source: 1 NEWS

KiwiRail says that locomotive engineers are powerless to stop their trains in time, and that people are sometimes missing death or serious injury by just a second or so.

NZTA said in a release that 114 people have been killed and 46 have been seriously injured by trains since 2012, included 42 deaths at level crossings.

Police Superintendent Steve Greally, national manager for road policing, said "unfortunately, some people have their head down looking at their phone, they have headphones in, or they are just plain not looking and they step out onto railway tracks in front of a train.

"The lucky ones realise before it’s too late and step back.

"We urge people to always be aware around railway tracks, that includes drivers."