Shocking video captures moment diver whacks head into board during 90ft dive

Shocking video has emerged of a US diver smashing his head onto a diving board as he leapt 90 feet from the top of a tower in France.

Steve LoBue was performing a complicated stunt in front of around 75,000 people at the Red Bull cliff diving world series in La Rochelle, France, when the incident took place.

Video taken at the event shows the 29-year-old standing backwards on the edge of the diving board, ready to leap from the city's Saint Nicholas Tower.

He can then be seen twisting through in a spinning somersault, but he comes in too close to the board and his forehead smacks into the flat edge as he falls.

Miraculously, the diver manages to make a safe landing in the waters below and signals that he's OK.

Rescue divers can be seen going to his aid as spectators are left reeling.

Just minutes after the incident, LoBue was interviewed and said the dive had "just got the best of me a little bit".

"I made it down to the water safely. I finished the whole dive, so I'm happy about that. Just gotta shake it off and get ready for Texas."