'It was shocking!' Tornado rips through New Plymouth, damaging 30 properties

Two tornadoes hit the North Island last night, one near New Plymouth and another in Ohope in the eastern Bay of Plenty.

At least six properties in Ohope were damaged, when the tornado tore through windows and lifted roofs off houses.

In New Plymouth, 11 homes lost their roofs and 20 houses were assessed for minor damage.

“We just got home, next thing we know the roof was falling off and we lost our shed,” one New Plymouth resident said.

"We were off having dinner, it was my birthday tonight, so we were just enjoying dinner we got a phone call from the flatmate saying the roof had blown off, lost the shed and tornado came through."

"It was pretty shocking, I was in a bit of delayed shock cause I called my husband cause he’s away and he said straight away I should have run downstairs into the concrete block part of the house but I didn’t have time and didn’t think about it,” another New Plymouth resident said.

1 NEWS spoke to a number of residents as they surveyed the damage caused by the freak weather event. Source: 1 NEWS