Shocking: Footage of racehorse being shot renews calls to ban jumps racing

Animal rights groups are renewing opposition to horse racing, posting shocking footage of a horse being shot at a race meeting.

Cliff's Dream was taking part in his first race since being brought to Australia from New Zealand when he crashed at the second to last hurdle, fracturing his knee.

Race officials erected screens before shooting the distressed seven-year-old racehorse.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses has posted the disturbing video on Facebook, and Safe is urging people to "pledge to help end the exploitation and suffering of horses in the racing industry by never attending or placing a bet on a jumps race".

Animal activists says that while attending horse racing may seem a fun activity, behind the glamorous image, horses suffer.

They say jumps racing is impossible to make safe and "has a high rate of death and injury because horses are pushed to jump fences at speed, surrounded by many other horses".

Safe says injuries sustained when horses fall or hurtle into the jumps or barriers can be horrific because while horses’ bodies are powerful they are also delicate and bones can shatter into tiny pieces, making recovery impossible.

Nga McLintock's reaction was typical of the more than 240 comments.

"Absolutely disgusting. This beautiful, intelligent creature and they dispose of him/her as though they are rubbish. This makes me so mad and it truly brings tears to my eyes when animals are treated like this. I have signed the pledge. PLEASE, stop this cruelty!"